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Logging In and Administrator Options

The Administrative Login is available for Business Bundle accounts. The login information was sent to you when you signed up and your account was created. The Admin section allows you to create sub accounts as well as monitor activity on your account and more.

If you are not the Administrator on the account, click here for the Host Guide or you can return to the Main Page.

Images/vci admin/1-admin.png

To access the Admin Options, you will need to login using the main account login that was setup when the account was created. Simply access your account, then click on the Admin button in the upper left hand corner of the screen to access the Admin Options.

Images/vci admin/2-admin.png

Administrator Options in Detail

  • Once logged in as the Admin you are able to your Manage Account as well as Manage the Host Logins, Download Previous Recordings (If activated on your account) and access Reports to see account usage.

Images/vci admin/3-admin.png

Manage Account

Images/vci admin/4-admin.png

  • Admin Contact Information: You can change all the contact information for the main Admin User from this screen, such as Name, Email, Phone Number and Username/Password.

Audio Control Type: Change the default setting for the VOIP to Noise Reduction if you are experiencing any audio related static etc.

  • Date/Time Format: This screen also includes the ability to change the Date Format as well as changing the default clock to 24 Format for International clients.
  • Account Home Page: You may change the exit URL (highlighted above), which allows you to adjust where people are taken when they click the Exit button in the upper right of their screen.
  • Additionally, you are able to see your Account Type as well as your total Seats in Use and Remaining Seats out of the Total Seats you have.

Manage Logins

If you wish to allow others to login and create their own meetings, you can setup a separate login for them at this screen.

  • To Add a New Host Subaccount Login click on Manage Logins to add a new Host login. (You may also Edit or Delete Host Logins by clicking the name in the list and clicking the appropriate choice below).
  • After you click on Manage Logins, you'll see a list of the sub-accounts. Click on Add at the bottom to create a new sub-account. The User Info window now be on the screen.

Images/vci admin/5-admin.png

Enter a User Name, Password, Email, and Phone Number for your new sub-account. User Name, Password, Email are mandatory.

Then click on Account Settings at the top

Images/vci admin/6-admin.png

You'll be able to change date and time, attendee, recording and other settings from this screen.

Click on Video Settings at the top to adjust default layout and profile settings.

Images/vci admin/7-admin.png

Finally, click on Audio Settings at the top to adjust default teleconferencing options.

Images/vci admin/8-admin.png

Meeting List

Shows the full active list of meetings on the account. This includes meetings from all host logins. You have the ability to join and end meetings from this list as well.

Images/vci admin/9-admin.png

  • Host: Refers to the Host Login that created the meeting.
  • Meeting: Name of the meeting
  • Created and Scheduled times: Refer to the date and time the meeting was initially created and scheduled for.
  • Users: Refers to how many connections are made in each meeting.

If you wish to join the meeting, select it in the list. You'll get access to the "Your Name" field and "Join" and "End" buttons.

  • Your Name: Upon selecting a meeting, type the name you'd like to enter with here. Then click "Join Meeting"
  • Join Meeting: After selecting a meeting and typing in your name, click Join to enter the meeting.
  • End Meeting: You can select single meetings or multiple meetings to End. Ended meetings get deleted from the account and are not recoverable. You will lose the meeting settings and the links for each meeting will no longer work.

Options Menu

Through the Options one can access information about meetings, create and manage skins as well as viewing a list of recorded meetings. Recording is an additional cost to your account.

Images/vci admin/10-admin.png


You can create messages that get sent to Admins, Hosts, and/or guests when they log in to their account or meeting.

Images/vci admin/11-admin.png


You can specify End User License Agreements and add Troubleshooting Links to your account from the customization window.

Images/vci admin/12-admin.png

Advanced Email Settings

These settings allow you to use your own mail server to send email invitations.

Images/vci admin/13-admin.png

To use your own Email Address you will need to setup a New Email Settings Profile.

Click “New” to create a Profile – You will be required to provide additional information. Please check with your Email provider for the proper information.

  • Profile Name: Name of the Profile you are creating.
  • SMTP Server: Please make sure to specify the IP Address or Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) for your SMTP Server
  • User Name: This is usually either your full email address or the first portion of your email address.
  • Password: Your Email password
  • Connect Using Port: This can vary based on provider, please check with your Provider to ensure you have the proper Port specified.
  • Use SSL Connection: This can vary based on provider, please check with your Provider to determine if SSL is required*.
  • Please Note, if your provider uses TLS encryption, SSL should be set to No.

Here are some helpful links for configuring your settings.

Gmail Clients -
Yahoo Clients -;_ylt=A2KJheLv5bJPTF8AlgF_kXhG
Hotmail/MSN Live Clients -
AOL Mail Clients -

Meeting Skins

The Skin Builder allows you to create your own skins using pictures, logos and custom colors for your account. Once skins are created, one can apply these skins to certain Logins on your account; different Logins can have different skins. Skins are applied to the meetings and set during the meeting creation process.

  • File Size Limit: 2MB.
  • File types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, swf
  • Dimensions: There are no static dimensions enforced for any of the images on the stage. They can be as small or large as desired. The image placeholders do not have boundaries either, so if your image is 800x600 pixels, it will appear that size when used in the Skin.
    • The images are laid out in the following order: Center, Top Right, Bottom Right, Bottom Left, Top Left. This means that the Center Image is on the bottom, so the Top Right image will overlap it if large enough. The Bottom Right image will overlap the Top Right and Center images and so on.
    • The background image can be stretched to fill the background or left its native size.

Images/vci admin/14-admin.png

New: Allows you to create a new skin.
Edit: Use this button to adjust a Skin that's already been created.
Delete: Deletes a Skin.

Clicking on the New button brings you to the Skin Builder below.

Images/vci admin/15-admin.png

  • Outlined Boxes are image holders. Click on the box to upload an image.
  • The Stage Background color can be changed as well as it's opacity. 0 Opacity is completely see through whereas 100 Opacity is solid.
  • Drag and Menu Bars, Text Colors, and Labels can also be customized using this screen.

Click on Save in the top right to save this skin to use with a Login. Click Reset to start over.

Meeting Templates

  • From this section, you can create templates for creating meetings.

Images/vci admin/16-admin.png

  • All of the Advanced Settings from the meeting creation process can be predetermined for the whole account using Meeting Templates.
  • You can create as many templates as you'd like.
  • When creating a meeting, one will be able to choose the name of a template from a drop-down menu.

Recordings List

As the Admin you have complete access to all the recordings done on the account by Hosts, which you can download or delete from here. Note that this options requires that you have Recording purchased on your Account.

Images/vci recording/2-recording.png

PayPal Integration

Please see the full article here - PayPal Integration


To see all of the activity on the account by the Hosts you have previously assigned, you can click on New Reports and a new window will open with the reports options.

Images/vci admin/17-admin.png

When the new window opens, choose a report from the list on the left hand side. For example, selected in the screenshot above is the Meeting Detail report. This report will show you who joined your meetings, from which IP Address they connected, and their enter and leave time.
Using the calendar buttons, you can select a date range for your report.
The Meeting Name field is not mandatory. If left blank, you will be able to see activity for all meetings. If you'd like to look at usage for one particular meeting, make sure you enter the meeting name exactly as it appears in the Edit Meeting screen.
The Output is the format in which you can view or download your report. In the screenshot above, we've chosen PDF which will save the report to your computer. The other output options are XLS or CSV which will both open in a spreadsheet program. Alternatively, if you do not want to download a file to your computer, simply choose HTML in the Output drop down menu to view the results in a new webpage.

Other reports include Registration and Survey information. The Registration reports will show you who registered for your meetings, when they registered, as well as the other information captured on the Registration form. Survey results can also be viewed through the reporting system as well so you can view your results after your meeting has been conducted.

Video Profiles

You can change video settings from the Manage Video Profiles window.


Exit Buttons

Click the house icon to return to the Host/Guest/Admin login screen, or to log out and exit the application completely simply click the Close button.