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When you first log in to your account, you'll see the Host Page with four buttons in the center to Create, Join, Edit, and End Meetings.
To create a meeting, simply click the Create Meeting button. All the features below are optional, use them to enable optional features or disable features you don't need.

Create Meeting

Images/vci host/4-create-meeting.png

  • Meeting Name: Type the name you wish to call your meeting here. If the name is available and not already in use on the account, the green circle with a checkbox will appear to the right.
  • Expected Attendees: Change this number to the amount of attendees (including Hosts) you expect in your meeting and the system will use this number to determine how many total video windows to show based on the number in the Video Windows selection.
    • Depending on how many seats your account has, this number will also help determine which server on which your meeting is placed.
  • Meeting Date/Time: You can set the date and time for your meeting here. This information is primarily for the benefit of the guests you are inviting via the email invitations, as the system does not restrict the Host from using the meeting at any time or based on this setting. In other words you can use this meeting whenever you like regardless of the date/time settings, but as far as your guests know the date/time you set is when they are supposed to join.
  • Enforce Date/Time: Selecting this will prevent guests from joining the meeting before the date and time listed.
  • Meeting Template: Select a template which predetermines all of the advanced settings.
    • Templates are set up by the Administrator of your account.
  • Click the Advanced Options to open the Advanced Parameters you can set for this meeting:

Advanced Settings

Images/vci host/5-advanced-settings.png

  • Video Windows: This setting will determine the total amount of video windows you wish to display in the meeting, any attendees over this amount will not display a video window.
  • Host Only Video: With this selected only the host will have video in the meeting.
  • Host Only VOIP: With this selected only the host will be able to use VOIP audio in the meeting.
  • Video Quality: Choose between Standard or Low (Bandwidth) options for all camera images. Low (Bandwidth) should be used if you're trying to preserve bandwidth in a situation where some users might not have the best internet connection.
  • Meeting Security: You can set an optional password for your meeting or require Registration.
    • Choose Password and type a password into the field that appears on the screen. Your guests will need this password in order to join the meeting.
    • Choose Registration to have your guests fill out a form before they can join your meeting. When you select Registration you will need to click the Registration Options button to access your options.
    • Please see the registration wiki article for further explanation about this function.
  • Auto Accept Attendees Checkbox: By having this box checked it will bypass asking the Host of the conference if an attendee can join or not. With this engaged guests can join the conference without a Host being present.
  • Show Meeting in Search: If checked this will allow the meeting to appear in the Guest Meeting Name field as a searchable meeting. This means if the Guest types in the name it will search for the name, otherwise this meeting will have to be typed fully in the field in order for the Guest to find and join it.
  • Disconnect Users after x minutes: If you're having a meeting for a particular amount of time, you can automatically disconnect your users after x amount of minutes. For example, if the value is set to 30 minutes, each user will be disconnected after 30 minutes. If one party joins a meeting at 9:00, he or she will be disconnected at 9:30. If another party joins the same meeting at 9:05, he or she will be disconnected at 9:35.

Audio Settings

Images/vci host/6-audio-settings.png

  • Audio Settings: Your two main options for audio in the meeting are setting up a telephone conference bridge using the options below, or using the internal VOIP system that is automatically available by default in every meeting. The VOIP system requires either a headset with built-in microphone (recommended) or an external microphone and speakers on the computer you are at.
  • Turn User's Microphone On Automatically: The Guest microphone will be turned on automatically when they join the meeting.
    • You can apply this to either Browser Users, App Users, or both.
  • Disable Ability To Turn Microphone On / Off: Your guests will not have the opportunity to turn their microphones on or off. The host would control this setting.
    • You can apply this to either Browser Users, App Users, or both.
  • Default Chat Sound On: This function allows you to turn and off the chat sounds when someone types a message into the Public Chat Window.
  • Default Alert Sound On: This function allows you to turn and off the alert sounds when someone joins or disconnects from your meeting.
  • Toll Free Conferencing: The Toll-Free Conferencing option is a service we provide. Please contact us in order to get more information or to sign up for this feature.
  • Use Toll Conferencing: This is the free version of our teleconferencing, where all you and your guests pay is the long distance fee (if applicable) to a US area code.
    • When using Toll-Conferencing, the moderator and attendees receive different codes. If you are hosting the meeting, make sure you use the moderator code as doing so gives you access to the moderator controls that can be found on this page -
    • When using *2 to record the conference call, you will be asked for a Recording Number. Enter any number you please. Your guests will need this number when they playback the recorded conference call. Teleconferencing recordings are stored for 21 days.
    • At the end of the recording, hit *2 again to stop the recording.
      • To playback a recoded conference call, dial (206) 402-0829 .
      • Enter the Access Code and Recording Number to playback the recorded conference call.
  • User Defined Conferencing: This function allows you to use a conference number that you have through another provider or our Toll Free Conferencing.
    • Enter your conference number without any spaces, dashes, or parentheses.
    • Enter your Moderator Code and your Attendee Code to the proper fields.
    • No Phone Conferencing: There will not be a teleconferencing number provided for your meeting.
    • Mix Teleconferencing and VOIP Audio: This feature requires the business bundle. To see the full article explaining this feature, click here - VOIP and Telephone Integration

User Options

User Options allow you to give additional functionality to the Guest in a meeting room (Hosts will always have these functions by default). Any option you check on in the User Options box will be enabled for the Guest by default and can be taken away from the Edit Meeting or from within the meeting itself. You can get a detailed usage of the above items in the subsequent sections below.

Images/vci host/7-user-options.png

  • Play Guest Audio and Watch Guest Video should be checked if you'd like all guests to be able to see other guests.
    • Uncheck these checkboxes if you do not want the guests to be able to see and hear the other guests connected. Only hosts would see and hear the guests.
  • Unchecking Private Chat removes the Guest-To-Guest Private Chat capability.
    • Guests will still be able to send a Private Chat message to the host of the meeting.
  • Guests who change the Video Layout are only changing their layout. This does not effect the layout of anyone else's screen.
  • If you plan on using File Sharing make sure that Download Files is checked so your guests will be able to download what you upload.


Images/vci host/8-appearance.png

  • Meeting Skin: Select the Skin you'd like to use for the meeting you're creating.
  • Default Video Layout: Choose between all Video Layout options as a default for your meeting. See this link for a detailed explanation of each option - Video Layout
  • Display Welcome Message: If unselected the Welcome window with the Meeting info will not appear when a User joins the meeting. Meeting Info is still available via the Meeting Information label on the Control Panel.
  • Default To Docked Self Video: If unselected, each Client will begin the meeting with his/her video window on the stage instead of in the ‘docked’ position on the Control Panel.
  • Hide User List Checkbox: If you wish to hide the User List in the conference check this box. Note: The Host will always see the user list.
  • Hide Chat Window: If selected the chat window will not be visible and usable by all participants for text chat messages in the meeting.
  • Enable Persistent Chat: If enabled this will log all public chat messages and display all past messages to any new participants that login to the meeting.
  • Hide Language List: Clicking this checkbox removes the Language List Dropdown menu from the top left hand portion of the screen.
  • Hide Options Menu: Clicking this checkbox removes the Options Menu from the top left hand portion of the screen.
  • Hide Shortcut Buttons: Clicking this checkbox leaves only the Disconnect and Exit buttons in the top right hand portion of your screen. Note: your guests will only see the Exit button in the top right hand portion of their screen.
  • Hide Exit Button: Clicking this checkbox will not show the Exit button in the top right hand portion of the meeting screen. Hosts will still have the Disconnect button.

The Final Step to create your conference is to click Ok and you may send out your optional Email Invitations before joining.