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There are a few different ways to access Email Invitations. This article will cover how to access the invitations window to send your guests links to join your meetings.

Creating a Meeting

Upon completing the process of creating a meeting, you'll see the invitations window which is pictured below.

Images/vci host/9-email-invites.png

  • The most important parts of your Email Invitation are the links to Join and/or Register for your meeting, any teleconferencing information (if applicable), and the date and time if your meeting is scheduled for the future.
  • At the top of the invitations window, there is a To field where you can type email addresses. To enter multiple email addresses, use commas.
    • If you'd like to send yourself an invitation, enter your email address. You can then forward the email invitation from your inbox to your participants.
  • To access the Contacts Manager, click on the To button on the Email Invitations window.
    • You can Select stored email addresses and add them to your invitations.
    • To read about using the Contacts Manager to store email addresses or import contacts, click on this link - Contacts Manager
  • Show Invite List will list the attendees in the body of the email. If you do not want the attendee's email addresses listed in the body of the invitation, uncheck this checkbox.
  • Send as Calendar Event populates the recipients calendar within their email client. This is compatible with Outlook, Gmail etc.
  • If you'd like to Copy the Meeting or Registration link, click on the blue text and then, Copy to Clipboard.
    • The next time you paste text, you'll see your Meeting or Registration link.
  • The contents of this invite can be adjusted to your tastes and specific needs in the main body section, simply adjust or add text and change as needed.
  • Lastly you may also Issue temporary Host access for this meeting which would allow you to enter the email address of someone who will be hosting your meeting. Temporary Hosts do not have access to creating meetings, recordings, editing meetings on your account, etc. They are Hosts for the particular meeting you're inviting them to.
  • Opening the Invitations History shows you a list of meetings on your account, and who received your Invitations.
  • Once you click Send your emails will be sent out and your conference will be created. Alternatively you may also Skip this step if you do not wish to send out Email Invitations at this time, you may always opt to send them later from within the conference.

From the Host Page

  • Click on the Options button in the top left of the Host Page.
  • Click on Email Invitations.

Images/vci email/1-email.png

  • Choose the meeting name in the drop down menu at the top and enter your guests' email addresses.

Images/vci host/9-email-invites.png

Within a Meeting


  • Access the invitations from the meeting room to send invitations immediately to recipients.

Images/vci host/9-email-invites.png