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Preparing for the Conference

  • Make sure all your equipment you will need for the meeting setup properly PRIOR to beginning. Not having to troubleshoot video or audio problems during the meeting will make the experience better for everyone involved.
  • Test thoroughly beforehand!
  • Make sure you have the latest versions of both your browser and of the Adobe Flash Player. You can check for the newest version of Flash Player.
  • Clear your browser cache of old files and try to close any applications that are not crucial to your conference.
  • Always make sure to select ALLOW if the Flash Player Settings box prompts you before you join a video conference. This is important, if you select DENY then NO feeds (Video/Audio/SMD) will function in the conference!
  • Make sure that no other applications are using the camera feed (MSN messenger, Camera Software etc) before you log into your meeting.
  • Use a headset if possible if you plan on using VOIP in the meeting as it will reduce many issues that may arise.

Logging in as a Guest

There are two methods for logging in as a Guest into the meeting:

Joining from an email invitation

When you receive the email invitation to the meeting from your Host, depending on the setup, it will look similar to the one below.

Images/vci guest/1-guest.png

All the information you need to know is in this email, including:

  • Your link to join as a Guest
  • When to join the meeting
  • Meeting Password (If Applicable)
  • Teleconferencing Number (If Applicable)
  • Any other additional or pertinent information for this meeting.

Simply click the link to join the meeting and follow the prompts to login.

Joining from the Guest login screen

Open the web browser of your choice (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and enter the URL that was created for your organization. [Note: Make sure there is no www before the company name or the URL will not work! Once loaded click the Agree button to continue.]

Images/vci guest/2-guest.png

Click the Guest button to continue. Logging in as a Guest will allow you to be a participant in a conference that has set up by a Host but that you have not received an email invite for.

You may get the following alert screen. Click Ok to continue.

Images/vci guest/3-guest.png

Images/vci guest/4-guest.png

You may also get the Flash Player options popup, which you will need to select both Allow and check the Remember checkbox below.

Images/vci guest/5-guest.png

Images/vci guest/6-guest.png

After allowing the flash player on this computer, you are presented with:

1) Type in your desired meeting name or use the dropdown list to choose
2) Type in your Name
3) Use this dropdown to select from the list of available and listed meetings
4) Use this utility to setup your camera and audio (where applicable)