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You can require payment for your meeting when using Registration. These payments will be linked with your PayPal account. This article will guide you through setting up your PayPal account to accept payments, creating meetings with the correct settings, using the Registration Manager, and what your guests will have to do to make a payment.

Setting up PayPal

  • To set up your PayPal account to accept payments, log in to your Meeting account as the Admin, click to the Options Menu in the top left and then click on PayPal Settings.

Images/vci paypal/0-paypal.png

There are three kinds of PayPal accounts that can be entered to accept payments - Standard, Advanced, and Pro. You will need your PayPal Merchant Information for all of these accounts.

Images/vci paypal/1-paypal.png

Images/vci paypal/2-paypal.png

Images/vci paypal/3-paypal.png

Enter your PayPal account information, then click on OK.

Creating a Meeting with Registration Fees

  • Log in to your account as the Host and click on Create Meeting.
  • In the Advanced Settings click on Registration and then Registration Options
  • Click on Registration Fee.

Images/vci paypal/4-paypal.png

  • Enter the amount you desire to be paid in Registration Fee field.
  • Click on OK.
  • Send Invitations

When a guest receives their email invitation, it will contain a link to Register for the meeting.

Using the Registration Manager

  • Logged in as Host, click on the Options menu in the top left, then click on Registration Manager
  • Click on the Arrow to the left of the Meeting Name to see the registration results.

Images/vci paypal/5-paypal.png

  • The last column marks whether a registrant has paid or not.

Guest Experience

You must use Express Checkout if you'd like Mobile Users to pay for your meeting.
If your PayPal account does not accept Express Checkout payments, your guests must register and pay before using the Mobile App.

When a guest clicks on the registration link, they will confirm their email address and then they'll see the registration form.

Images/vci paypal/6-paypal.png

The guests will enter the information in the form and then click Pay Now at the bottom. A new tab or browser window will open to their PayPal account login to finalize the payment.

Images/vci paypal/7-paypal.png

When they pay, they will receive an email confirmation from PayPal and they have successfully registered and paid for your meeting.