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Registration is tool for gathering information from your attendees prior to your meeting. This article will explain how to create a meeting with Registration and what the Registration Options are.

Creating a Meeting with Registration

  • Log in to your account as a Host and click on Create Meeting.
  • In the Advanced Settings click on Registration and then Registration Options.

Images/vci registration/1-registration-options.png


Images/vci registration/2-registration-settings.png

The Registration Settings will open and you'll be able to choose what information your guests will enter on the Registration Form.

  • To add your own item, click Add Item.
  • You can set the Max Registrants at the bottom. This field normally defaults to the amount of seats that you have. If you plan on using this meeting once, the Max Registrants should remain the number of seats for your account. If you plan on using this meeting on a recurring basis, use 9,999 to prevent new registrants from being told that registration is closed.


The Registration Appearance section allows you to add a logo or picture to the registration page. Your guests will see this logo or picture when they fill out your registration form.

Images/vci registration/3-registration-appearance.png

  • Click on Upload a New Logo to choose a file from your computer, then click Upload.
  • The files you upload here will be saved in the Registration Logo drop down menu so you can use them for additional meetings.
  • The best image size is 420 x 200 pixels.
    • Using larger or smaller images will result in distortion.

Images/vci registration/4-registration-logo.png

  • To select the Logo for your registration form, choose it in the drop down menu.

Registration Fee

Please see the separate wiki article for adding registration fees.

Require Confirmation

If you are not requiring a fee for Registration, you can Require Confirmation for your meeting. As the host, you will have to manually go through the list of Registrants to Confirm those Registrants that can attend.

  • Create a meeting and open the Registration Options window.
  • Click on the Registration Fee tab.
  • Click the check box to Require Confirmation.

Images/vci registration/5-registration-fee.png

To view and confirm your Registrants, open the Registration Manager from the Options button in the top left of the Host Screen.

Images/vci host/21-registration.png

  • Click on the blue arrow next to the meeting name you'd like to view.
  • Using the checkbox in the last column, you can Confirm which guests can attend the meeting.

Registration Page

  • The finished registration page that the guests visit will look similar to the image below:

Images/vci registration/6-registration-page.png