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This article will explain the difference between Surveys and Polls, how the data is displayed or retrieved, and how to Create Surveys. The Survey and Poll Manager is only available with the Business Bundle accounts. If you do not have the Business Bundle and you'd like more information, please contact our Sales Department at (818) 783-4311 ext 2.

Surveys and Polls can be used for gathering information about your audience when they join your meeting. Or you can create a quiz or test for your students. You can also use the Polls to display a graphical response to a voting question.

How to Create Surveys

IconE.jpg Join a Meeting and click on the Survey and Poll Manager icon at the top of the meeting screen.

Images/vci surveys/1-surveys.png

Click on Create a New Survey. Enter a Survey Title and Welcome Message.

Images/vci surveys/2-surveys.png

Click Next then click on New Item in the bottom left.

Images/vci surveys/3-surveys.png

In the first column, type your first Question. In the second column, choose your Type of question.

  • Checkbox - Requires you to type in answers for the guests to choose from. The guests can choose as many answers as they'd like.
  • Radio Button - Requires you to type in answers for the guests to choose from. The guests can choose only one answer.
  • Text Input - Allows the guests to type in their own response to your question.

If you're choosing either Checkbox or Radio Button, then click on the +/- button. Skip this step if you've chosen Text Input.

Images/vci surveys/4-surveys.png

A new window opens in which you can type the answers for your guests to choose from. Add each answer to the text field at the bottom and hit Enter on your keyboard OR hit Add on the screen.

Images/vci surveys/5-surveys.png

Click Save to get back to the Create a New Survey window. You can add as many questions to a survey as you'd like. You can vary the type of questions as necessary. Click on Next once you've finished adding your questions and answers.

Images/vci surveys/6-surveys.png

If necessary, adjust the order of your questions and click Next.

Images/vci surveys/7-surveys.png

Click Save to use the survey in the future. If you're in a meeting and you'd like to use the survey now, click Activate.

What is the difference between a Poll and a Survey?

There are three main differences between a poll and a survey.

1) Poll Results are anonymous. Survey results are shown to the host. The host sees who and how each person answered each question.

2) The Poll results can be displayed to the participants as a Pie Chart. The Survey results can be viewed in the meeting or afterward as a report.

3) Survey questions are asked in order and all questions are displayed at the time of survey activation. The way Polls are setup, you can pick and choose certain questions (or just one question) to be activated at a time.

Activating a Survey

Mentioned in the section above, when you Activate a Survey all survey questions are asked in their order.
Click on Activate a Survey.

Images/vci surveys/8-surveys.png

Select the survey and then click on Activate at the bottom.

Images/vci surveys/9-surveys.png

Deactivating a Survey

Allow enough time for your participants to go through the survey. Then click on Deactivate.

Images/vci surveys/10-surveys.png

Activating a Poll

Click on Activate a Poll.

Images/vci surveys/11-surveys.png

In the new window that opens, you'll have a list of existing surveys. Select the Survey Title with the questions you'd like to activate as a poll.

Images/vci surveys/12-surveys.png

In the second rectangle, select the question(s) you'd like to Poll.

  • Only questions set up as Checkboxes or Radio Buttons will be accessible in this list.

At the bottom of the screen, determine whether or not you would like to display the amount of people who answered. If you choose Hide Answers Total, the guests will not be able to see the number of responses to your question.

Lastly, you'll be able to select whether or not the guests can see the Pie Chart of results. If Hosts Only is selected your guests will not be able to view the Poll Results.

Editing Surveys

Click Edit an Existing Survey.

Images/vci surveys/13-surveys.png

Click on the Survey Title you'd like to edit.

Images/vci surveys/14-surveys.png

Images/vci surveys/15-surveys.png

Then go through the steps needed to complete the edits. Click on Next in the bottom right until you can Save the survey.

Delete a Survey

Click on Delete an Existing Survey

Images/vci surveys/16-surveys.png

Click the Survey Title then click on Delete Survey.

Images/vci surveys/17-surveys.png

Viewing the Results of your Survey

Click on View the Results of a Survey.

Images/vci surveys/18-surveys.png

Select the Survey Title in the top box. Select the user who's answers you'd like to see.

Images/vci surveys/19-surveys.png

Click on View Results.

Images/vci surveys/20-surveys.png

Click on OK to view a different user's answers.

Running a Report for your Survey Results

In addition to the method listed above, you can also run Reports from the Admin Section to find your survey results. When you get logged into your account as the Admin, click on the Options button in the top left, then Reports, then New Reports.

  • In the new page that opens, you'll see a list of reports you can run. Scroll down to Survey Results by Meeting and Survey Results by Question.

Images/vci surveys/21-surveys.png

  • With Survey Results by Meeting you can type in a meeting name OR leave it blank.
  • Choose your date range.
  • Select your Output.
    • HTML will display the results in a new browser window.
    • PDF, XLS, and CSV all allow you to save a file to your computer in different formats. XLS and CSV will open in a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel.
  • Once you have everything set up, click on Get Report.

Images/vci surveys/22-surveys.png

  • Survey Results by Question displays the same information in a different format.