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Bridging VOIP and Teleconferencing

Please let us know if and when you'd like to use this feature. This article will guide you through creating a meeting with the correct settings and what to do once connected to the meeting. Please contact your Sales Rep or Support to activate this feature for your account.

Creating a Meeting mixing Teleconferencing and VOIP

  • Login to your account as the Host and click on Create Meeting.
  • Choose your meeting settings and click on Audio Settings under Advanced.

Images/vci host/14-edit-meeting-audio.png

  • Choose Toll Conferencing and click on the checkbox that reads, Mix Teleconferencing and VOIP Audio and click on OK.
  • Finish creating your meeting and sending email invitations.

Connecting to a Meeting

When you connect to the meeting, click on the Manage Conference Call button at the top of the screen.

Images/vci host/36-conference-icon.png

In the Conference Call Manager window that opens, click on Connect to dial into the conference bridge.
You will hear the conference call through your computer speakers.

Images/vci fmg/1-fmg.png

To view the conference call number, moderator and attendee codes, click on the text that reads, Call-In Details.

Images/vci fmg/2-fmg.png

In order to moderate the teleconferencing portion of the bridge properly you may use the Options drop down menu to Mute your guests.

Images/vci fmg/3-fmg.png

You can also Switch to Manual Tone Entry to reveal the Dial Pad and enter your own conference codes.

Click on the Dial Pad button.

Images/vci fmg/4-fmg.png

Enter the code(s) that you'd like to use.

Images/vci fmg/5-fmg.png

Click out of the dial pad and then click on the Send button.

Images/vci fmg/6-fmg.png

Conference Codes

As the Moderator, here is a list of the controls for the call

*2 - Begins recording
*3 - Exit conference
*4 - Help menu
*5 - Lecture and Mute modes - Press *5 to enable Lecture mode. In Lecture mode guests may unmute themselves by pressing *6. Press *5 again, and Guest may not unmute themselves. Press *5 a third time, and all callers are unmuted.
*6 - Mute line
*7 - Secures conference - prevents new callers from entering. Hit *7 again to open the conference to new callers.
*8 - Counts callers
*9 - Turns entry and exit tones off.